Our Premise & Approach
Consulting Services

1. Bringing value to you is priority #1.
We are dedicated to our mission, "redefining excellence in partnership with the world's business leaders." We recognize that our only purpose is to partner with you to help you develop, plan, implement and achieve superior results in communicating your message and achieving your business goals.

2. Our focus is helping you lead change.
We specialize in creating leadership communications solutions of many kinds. This covers a broad range of highly customized services and individualized products that will help you communicate and create understanding, acceptance, and ownership for change in your organization. Although every leader's situation is unique, requiring personalized attention, here are some representative examples of ways we might bring value to you...

  • shaping your own personal leadership message.
  • serving as your leadership communications and business strategy coach.
  • creating a systematic approach to gather information for a strategic next step
  • developing and facilitating highly customized meetings or training sessions with targeted results.
  • helping you create a vision, strategic direction or revitalize relationships with your team.
  • writing, editing, graphic design and production of written, audio, video and electronic communications, brochures, and other personalized materials to reach a specific audience.
  • partnering to develop, direct, and produce a meeting/event, customizing each segment's content and approach to achieve your personal goals, objectives, and ideals.

3. We have formed certain assumptions about people.

  • People want to be great.
  • Executives, managers, or employees have a wealth of knowledge to share.
  • A group working together is a vital source of innovative thinking and creative solutions.
  • People like using their minds. Unfortunately, for far too long in business, we have told people what to do and rewarded their behavior for following orders. Consequently, many people's thinking, questioning, and action skills are not developed. Many have never been challenged to think deeper than a "buzz word" or know what it means to be accountable for results.
  • People benefit most from a learning experience, when they make use of their own knowledge, expertise, and are actively involved in the process.
  • People can achieve great things and overcome challenging obstacles in the context of a changing environment, both personally, and from an organizational perspective. Their ability corresponds to their own confidence and knowledge that they have something significant to contribute to the new emerging organization.

4. Our philosophy is based on these assumptions.
We've confirmed that our assumptions about people can be applied at all levels within an organization. Consequently, our highly acclaimed customized sessions take advantage of participants' knowledge, expertise, and creative abilities, whether it's your senior managers, a team of employees, or a mixed group of leaders of many kinds. We promote self-teaching through active participant involvement and use of well-structured experiential and interactive activities for both the individual and the group. All activities have a business application directed toward achieving the desired result you have defined with us.

5. We do custom work.
Every program, product or service is developed to meet your needs. We accomplish this by up-front listening. We work closely with you to define your requirements and then we go to work to bring you what you want.

6. Our programs are designed to "add value."
The purpose of our sessions is to facilitate "building the bridge" between organizational needs and academic theory and individual understanding, acceptance, and ownership organizational priorities and business results. The following is a graphic representation:


Our custom programs are working sessions, as well as, learning sessions. They are designed to produce participant-generated output, which can be used to measure progress at follow-on meetings or training sessions. Consequently, the sessions have a lasting value.

7. We concentrate on pertinent business themes in the context of the organization's need to "change" itself. The most common themes for today's leaders center around:

  • Leadership
  • Customer Service Value
  • Boosting Business Results
  • Accelerating Change
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Mobilizing Business Plans
  • Innovation/Creative Problem Solving
  • Willingness to Risk
  • Building an Inclusive Organization

Our training experience has strongly indicated that these themes have an important interrelationship. Although our sessions commonly have a specific content emphasis that you choose, all of these themes are brought out to some degree in each session. We do this because we believe participants are most likely to apply the ideals of these concepts to their daily business life, if they can see how they relate to everything they are called upon to do.

We recognize there are many interesting and valuable points of view on each one of these topics. Commonly, our customers are well versed on the theory and opinions of the experts. Where they frequently fall short is translating opinions and theory into action and results, two essential ingredients for success of any organization.

For this reason, our focus is to assist the participants in forming their own opinions based on the knowledge they have collectively and to translate their experience into action-focused plans. We use various facilitation mediums (models, video excerpts, group activities, discussion) to aid this process. Our goal is for participants to bring themselves to a new level of understanding, acceptance of responsibility, and ownership for the future they are charged to create.

8. We back our work with a guarantee. All work is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

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