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The Leadership Solutions Companies provide custom development of leadership communications products and services. To provide customers with a broad platform of service options, Founder Debbe Kennedy developed a ground-breaking approach and an award-winning track record since 1990 for developing, planning, implementing and achieving superior results in delivering custom communications solutions.

Formed 1990, the Leadership Solutions Companies are women-owned and operated businesses. They have with a unique blend of talents and a lofty vision:

Redefining excellence in partnership with the world's business leaders.

At Leadership Solutions we fulfill this goal through innovative approaches used to customize communication services, products, solutions and individualized consulting services. Our specialty products and services help organizations enhance communication with managers and employees around the world. Each custom solution is carefully crafted by working closely with clients to fulfill their unique communications needs. Leadership Solutions' concepts have been developed by listening to managers and employees in Fortune 100 companies. We recognize that whether we are partnering with you to achieve any of the goals,

  • designing a communication meeting
  • crafting an executive message
  • providing individualized leadership coaching
  • partnering to expand your leadership influence
  • helping you create a written, audio, video or electronic communication 
  • developing a custom leadership meeting
  • developing a custom management or employee training program,

the need is always for easy-to-understand, simple-to-implement, world class quality, customized solutions delivered at the right time and in a context that is aligned with the your organization's vision, mission, values, organizational style, philosophy and priorities.

Debbe Kennedy, President of the Leadership Solutions Companies is an author of several business books. She is a speaker and a pioneer of virtual space. She is a leadership communications consultant, problem solver, change leader and group facilitator. Her lastest contribution is Putting Our Differences to Work: The Fastest Way to Innovation, Leadership and High Performance !® Berrett-Koehler Publushers, San Francisco.

Futurist, Joel A. Barker wrote the foreword for the book. Putting Our Differences to Work is also honored in Joel Barker's 2009 landmark film, Innovation at the Verge. Barker also created a special video book review where he tells about how Putting Our Differences to Work is a vital resource for leaders to build teams based on difference and drive innovation, leadership and high performance at new levels. PDF brochure


Kennedy's first book, Breakthrough! Everything You Need to Start a Solution Revolution® was awarded the Management General® 1998 InnoThink Award for "most far-thinking combination of message and media." Breakthrough! has been translated into Chinese and Dutch.

Leadership Solutions contributions include Debbe Kennedy serving as executive director, writer and developer of Hewlett-Packard's The Best Place: An HP Global Diversity Video package distributed throughout the world to facilitate manager/employee discussion. It was translated into Japanese, French and Spanish. Additionally, it was awarded a GOLD and two SILVER certificates at the International Cinema in Industry (CINDY) Regional Competition in the categories of Employee Motivation & Relations, Employee Communications, and Training Specific & Technical. It went on to win three GOLD CINDYs at the international level. The Best Place received its seventh award---The Communicator Awards Crystal Award of Excellence "presented to those whose ability to communicate elevates them above the best in the field." The Best Place was chosen for this honor for Internal Communications from among 3,209 entries from 47 states and 8 other countries.

Debbe Kennedy has worked extensively with Joel Barker, futurist and author of Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future. Mr. Barker has chosen Debbe as a collaborator on several significant projects. She is the author of Joel Barker's Power of Vision Video Facilitator Guide and the Wealth, Innovation & Diversity Video Workshop.

Kennedy's work and leadership influence have contributed to communications solutions for senior management across many corporate functions, marketing, professional services, diversity, women's issues, management development, employee development, human resources, strategic planning and implementation. She knows the leader's journey as you do. Kennedy has walked it as a successful entrepreneur, a change-leading partner for Fortune 100 executives and managers, and in a rewarding leadership career with IBM Corporation that included over 15 years as a manager of people and programs. There she built a reputation for creative leadership excellence and was recognized three consecutive years by IBM Management Development for her contributions and innovations in the area of leadership and human resource development.

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