Creating Custom Solutions
Consulting Services

Results Builds Enduring Relationships
The hallmark of our consulting work has been helping our customers develop, plan, implement, and achieve superior results in fulfilling their objectives and goals as the owners of specific projects, training needs, change initiatives, meetings, events and other manager/employee communication needs.

As an example, we have enjoyed highly-valued relationship with the Hewlett-Packard Company since 1992. In 1999, we were chosen as a strategic partner in creating the first senior managers launch meeting and the communications package for managers and employees around the world of HP's new company, Agilent Technologies. Our sampling of contributions at HP represents the wide range of communications solutions we have delivered in a corporate environment across functions and divisions, reaching employees in many disciplines and various levels of management worldwide. The results achieved demonstrates the strength and diversity of our capabilities, as well as the trusted-partnerships we establish with our customers.

Who Does the Work?
The Consultant
Debbe Kennedy, President and CEO of the Leadership Solutions Companies is a highly skilled solution provider. She serves as the strategic partner, hands-on consultant, writer, developer, director, producer, group facilitator, project manager and executive coach for our customer engagements.

The Resident Artist
The associated graphic art design and production work essential for a polished solution is also an in-house Leadership Solutions Consulting capability. Sally K. Green, Vice President of The Leadership Solutions Companies, is our resident artist. Sally brings over 30 years of graphic art expertise and business acumen to every project.

"A picture is worth a Thousand words."
Although, we do not sell graphic art, it is commonly an integrated value-added component of our total solution approach. In-house artistic capabilities consistently provide the following benefits to customers:

  • It enables us to quickly help the customer "see the end in mind" early in a project by working with artistic mock-ups and models of proposed deliverables. Making ideas and recommendations tangible, often accelerates the development process.
  • It assists us in helping the customer see on-going progress on a project. We often provide higher level prototypes as work evolves. This builds trust and enthusiasm about next steps and the finished product.
  • It helps us aid the customer in preparing for associated executive briefings, focus groups, announcement meetings, and other such reviews that are common during a large project.
  • It guarantees every project, meeting, training session, change initiative or event bears the customer's distinctive look and feel.

Our Network of Virtual Partners
Over the years, we have developed a network of virtual partners, who share our value-based pursuit of excellence. We call upon these talented individuals to help us complete some solutions. Under Debbe Kennedy's direction, our virtual partners have contributed such services as printing, video production services, original music, computer graphic art, data entry, product assembly and distribution mail services.

Our Portfolio of Work
We have a generous portfolio of finished work samples and excellent references to share with you upon request.

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